Anna Vayanos & Cathy Masters
Understanding Tax for NPOs – PBO and Section 18A

Date:           21 April 2016
Times:        09h00: Session 1 – Tax exemption for PBOs
11h00:        Session 2 – Section 18A
Venue:       Lagoon Beach Hotel, Milnerton, Cape Town
Cost:          R600 incl VAT per session
To book:    Contact Cyrilene on 021 797 6226 or before 15 April 2016

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend these popular training sessions to gain a true understanding of your organisation’s PBO and 18A status – what it means for your organisation and your donors.

Cathy and Anna will breakdown the complexities behind these hugely beneficial approvals which will alllow you a greater understanding of what is required for proper compliance with their requirements.

The hot topic of conditional donations will also be covered in the Sections 18A session. SARS continues to query the validity of S18A receipts. There is much confusion and often differing expectations between organisations and their donors as to when a Section 18A receipt or invoice should be provided.

Come spend the morning with us to improve or refresh your understanding of this important area of tax and to make use of the opportunity to raise any questions you might have.

This training is presented in two sessions.

Session 1
Basic principles of tax exemption for PBOs

This session will cover the basic principles of tax exemption for PBOs including benefits and compliance requirements, and the consequences of non-compliance. We will also address the questions around trading by PBOs.

Session 2
Section 18A in detail

This session will cover the requirements for Section 18A approval, including compliance and the consequences of non-compliance, and will specifically answer these questions:

• Which donations qualify for a S18A receipt and which don’t?
• Do pro bono services qualify for a receipt?
• When should an invoice be issued instead of a receipt?
• Can a donor impose conditions on their donation?
• What are the distribution rules for S18A organisation?

We encourage everyone to attend the first session in order to gain the background knowledge required to more easily follow the second session.

About the Presenters:

Cathy Masters CA(SA) is the founder of CMDS – a specialised financial management consultancy for non-profit organizations advising, training and supporting a diverse range of NPOs since 1987, from small CBOs to international funding agencies. She understands all the financial, tax and legal issues facing the sector. She is also passionate about sharing the knowledge that comes from this long experience, and is an experienced trainer.

Anna Vayanos is an admitted attorney and a registered tax practitioner and has been advising NPOs and donors on tax and tax exemption for over 15 years, both whilst working for a leading, national law firm and subsequently through her previous role as Head of the Philanthropy Office at BoE Private Clients (Nedbank Private Wealth). She is the founder and owner of Anna Vayanos Philanthropy Consulting.