Our clients range from CSI managers, impact investors and individuals wanting to give with peace of mind to organisations looking for funding and  willing to be vetted to highlight their legitimacy, effectiveness and positive impact. We offer a full suite of services to connect funders to great organisations to ensure that their funds make an impact.

Grant Management

Our clients are looking to fund great organisations and want to see how their investment is making an impact. We  consider their specifications and, with our added developmental input, find the right organisation  that will do great things with the funds and offer the client in-depth reporting on exactly how and where the funds were used. Our clients are able to give with confidence and receive reports of the impact they’ve made.

We also offer the unique service of pooled funding where clients contribute to a collection of funds which make a greater impact than that of their individual contribution. This is particularly appealing to clients with smaller budgets who want to make a big impact as part of a team.

In depth due diligence into NGOs, social enterprises and non-profit companies

Our team spends time with every organisation we evaluate, undertaking a full business analysis from structures and management to financial position and their effectiveness.

We offer funders the opportunity to engage with vetted organisations

We only vouch for organisations that have passed our rigorous evaluations. If they’re on this website, they have our professional stamp of approval.

Advocacy through various NGO forums and engagement with the NGO sector in South Africa

Having established a close connection with the organisation, we work as ambassadors who champion the work that they do.