Woordeboek Van Die Afrikaanse Taal


Short description Encouraging the preservation of Afrikaans primarily through the compellation of a comprehensive defining dictionary. Need Dictionaries are seen as a mirror of a country's social, cultural, economic, scientific

True North


Short description True North helps struggling Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres to become well-managed entities that provide quality education. Need ECD is the process whereby young children, from birth to



Short description Studietrust provides learners, particularly those from rural backgrounds, with financial, psycho-social and mentoring support as they pursue higher education. Need Despite an increase in racial diversity on the

Sparrow Schools


Short description Sparrow Schools consists of three different learning facilities for 600 learners of different ages with learning disabilities, and mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds. Need There are two important roles

Adopt-a-School Foundation


Short description Adopt-a-School Foundation supports the creation and enhancement of conducive learning and teaching environments in disadvantaged schools across the country. Initially, the organisation was largely focused on providing infrastructure

Lapalala Wilderness School


Short description The Lapalala Wilderness School aims to conserve the environment by educating children and communities about the environment and, where possible, encouraging youths to pursue careers in conservation. Need

Kay Mason Foundation (KMF)


Short description The Kay Mason Foundation helps to build the leaders of tomorrow by providing disadvantaged youth with a quality education, along with the necessary psycho-social support, to ensure that

Gold Peer


Short description Gold Peer empowers youth peer leaders to become positive role models and motivators of community change. Need Youth make up a significant proportion of the South African population.



Short description FunDza boosts literacy among teen and young adult South Africans by popularising reading, growing a community of readers and developing young writing talent. Need The 2013 Annual National

Carel du Toit Centre

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Short description Carel du Toit Centre identifies and treats hearing difficulties in children in the North Gauteng area and helps them develop speech and language. Need Research shows that in

Afrika Tikkun

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Short description Afrika Tikkun up-skills township members and supports them in developing their community, particularly orphans and vulnerable children. Need Between 2001 and 2011, the HIV population in South Africa



Short description Supporting the development of youth through education and mentorship. Need According to Lawrence Summers, a former World Bank Chief Economist, investing in girls’ education may well be the