Short description

Afrika Tikkun up-skills township members and supports them in developing their community, particularly orphans and vulnerable children.


Between 2001 and 2011, the HIV population in South Africa grew from 4.2 million to 5.4 million. During this same period there was a slight decrease in the number of new HIV infections but we still have the highest number of people living with AIDS in the world. The reality is that HIV will continue to negatively impact South Africans for some time to come. The number of orphans and vulnerable children in the country continues to grow. These children often have limited family support structures as they grow up and in turn are afforded very few opportunities to realise their potential and pursue their dreams.


Afrika Tikkun was established in 1994 and aims to build a sustainable future for children in South African townships. The organisation works in six townships in Gauteng and the Western Cape. Afrika Tikkun implements a holistic model of support (addressing developmental needs from childhood to adulthood) with a strong focus on education and health as well as social services. The organisation’s overarching strategy is to up-skill township members and support them in developing their community, particularly orphans and vulnerable children. Afrika Tikkun runs a number of programmes:

  • Family Support Services – families of vulnerable children (parents or guardians) are supported according to their specific needs.
  • Primary Healthcare Programme – primary health services are provided through home-based care with emphasis on treatment adherence for HIV and TB.
  • Quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) – through educational, nutritional, medical and social support services. The programme runs in two forms: centre-based and home-based. The ECD programme primarily targets children from 0-7 years old.
  • Child and Youth Development Programme – comprised of life skills, computer skills, learning support, arts and culture, learning library as well as sports.
  • Nutrition and Food Security Services – rounds up Afrika Tikkun’s model. Beneficiaries receive at least one meal a day while those who are not well enough to make it to the centre receive food parcels.

What we like about this organisation

The holistic nature of Afrika Tikkun’s model means that it provides a well rounded support service to its beneficiaries. Afrika Tikkun conducts needs assessments to understand changes in their beneficiaries’ needs.

What difference can your money make?

  • R10 000 will cover the pre-school fees of two children for one year.
  • R250 000 will cover the running costs of one of Afrika Tikkun’s libraries, which provide online and hard copy reading resources for underprivileged learners from Grade R to university.
  • R750 000 will cover the running costs of one of Afrika Tikkun’s computer centres.

Volunteering opportunities

  • Fundraising
  • Administrative assistance at head office
  • Volunteers at one of our community centres working with children and youth. Please note that according to The Children’s Act, volunteers working with children and young people need to have a Police Clearance Certificate.